Bunna Lawrie AM

Bunna Lawrie is a Senior Elder and Marban Bai of the Mirning People of the coast and sea of the Billia Mocalba, Great Australian Bight. He carries one of the World’s oldest lineages, which has continued since the Dhoogoor, Creation.  

Bunna has dedicated his life to community, culture and Country; taking great strength from the spiritual tradition of his ancestors. Beyond the Mirning, he has been recognised and honoured as one of Australia’s leading indigenous musicians, as an advocate for culture and for his unwavering protection of the environment.  

As a leader within the Great Australian Bight Alliance, Bunna has spearheaded the Fight for the Bight campaign with representatives from a collective of conservation groups spanning the Australian coastlines.  

Bunna continues the fight to have this pristine area and ecosystem listed as a World Heritage estate to ensure its ongoing protection.  

Moving forward, he wishes to instil the same love for his Country within the younger generations in his community and around Australia, to ensure there will be cultural custodians and protectors of the Great Australian Bight for generations to come. 

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