Jill Hudson Award for Environmental Protection

Our major award is in memory of Jillian Hudson (1948 -1997) who was born, lived, studied, taught and died in South Australia.

Most of Jill’s working life was spent teaching primary school children. She had strong concerns for the environment and made sure that these concerns were passed on to her students, whom she told: "Life is an opportunity and its purpose is to stand for something and to make a difference." 

Prize: $2,000

Nominations for 2022 will open in late May.

About the Jill Hudson Award

The Jill Hudson Award is to go to a person living in South Australia who, in the past 18 months, has made an outstanding contribution to protecting the state’s environment.

The aim of the award is to recognise not only the efforts of the recipient but also the circumstances under which the recipient worked in their efforts to protect the environment.

Special consideration will be given to nominees who have had to contend with significant government, political, corporate, media or institutional prejudice in their efforts to mobilise public opinion to protect the environment.

The applicant can be a volunteer, an employee of an environmental organisation, a government employee, an individual or a group. The award will be made without regard to race, religion, sexuality or gender.

The recipient of the award may be a volunteer, a group, an employee of an environmental organisation, a government employee, a politician, an educator or a journalist.

Applicants not selected for this award will (if applicable) automatically be considered for the Young Achiever Award and/or Unsung Hero Award.