Jill Hudson Award for Environmental Protection


2022 winner Tom Morrison (right) with Conservation SA President Mark Anderson

The annual Jill Hudson Award for Environmental Protection is in memory of Jillian Hudson (1948 -1997) who was born, lived, studied, taught and died in South Australia. Most of Jill’s working life was spent teaching primary school children.

Jill had strong concerns for the environment and she made sure that these concerns were passed on to her students whom she told: “Life is an opportunity and its purpose is to stand for something and to make a difference.”


The award is to go to an individual living in South Australia who, in the past 18 months, has made an outstanding contribution to protecting the state’s environment.

Special consideration will be given to nominees who have had to contend with significant government, political, corporate, media or institutional prejudice in their efforts to mobilise public opinion to protect the environment.

PRIZE: $2,000