Leif Justham Young Achiever Award

South Australia's young environmentalists make a great contribution to the protection of our environment. 

Whether through community awareness, political advocacy, research or on-ground work, the Leif Justham Young Achiever Award recognises those committed to improving environmental outcomes.

Leif Justham was an inspiring young South Australian who passionately worked to raise awareness of our country’s dependence on fossil fuels for the future of our planet.

In this way, supported by his family, we hope to help keep Leif’s legacy alive.

Prize: $750

Nominations for 2022 will open in late May.

About the Leif Justham Young Achiever Award

The award is to go to an individual (or group of young individuals), aged under 28 and living in South Australia who, in the past 18 months, has made a significant contribution to protecting the state’s environment.

The aim of the award is to recognise the efforts of the recipient(s) to contribute to the protection of the environment.

For example, the Judging Panel will take into account:
• the scope of the work and the environmental outcomes of the young person’s efforts
• their impact on community behaviour
• their management and leadership skills
• whether the individual has worked alone or as part of a team or group
• whether their involvement has been voluntary or paid, and
• whether they have faced difficult circumstances in achieving their goals.

The applicant should be under 28 years of age. The award will be made without regard to race, religion, sexuality or gender.

People nominating for this award are also welcome to nominate for the Jill Hudson Award for Environmental Protection.