Unsung Hero Award 

There are many individuals and groups in South Australia who, over a sustained period of time, have made a difference to the environment. 

Conservation SA’s Unsung Hero Award recognises those who have a long-standing record and commitment to protecting the environment. 

Prize: $750

Nominations for 2022 will open in late May.


About the Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero Award is to go to a South Australian person (or group) who has made a sustained contribution (i.e. over an extended period of years) to protecting SA’s environment.

The aim of the award is to recognise not only the effort of the recipient but also the circumstances under which the recipient worked in their efforts to protect the environment.

For example, the Judging Panel will take into account:
• the environmental outcomes of the individual/group’s efforts over a period of time
• the scope of the work
• the impact of their work on community behavior
• their management and leadership skills
• whether their involvement has been voluntary or paid, and
• whether they have faced difficult circumstances in achieving their goals

The award will be made without regard to age, race, religion, sexuality or gender.

The applicant can be a volunteer, an employee of an environment organisation, a government employee, an individual or a group with a minimum 10 years' experience working for the environment.

People nominating for this award are also welcome to nominate for the Jill Hudson Award for Environmental Protection.